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About Us


     RBC Entertainment was founded in 2017 by our owner and operator Jeff Arbisi. While the company may be young, we have great ambitions. RBC Entertainment was born out of a passion for both music making and audio engineering which was fostered by over a decade of performing and working with great artists and engineers. With this knowledge and experience, we bring a perspective to each event of both performing and engineering so that audiences have the best experience and each band and group has an easy, worry-free performance. Our goal is for the audience, bands, speakers, and performers to focus on entertaining, performing, and enjoying the event instead of focusing on the audio. 

     Over the years, we have had the chance to work with numerous bands and audio engineers that have helped us to grow. Artists we have been privileged to work with include: Ben Williams, Marquise Hill, Illinois Central Jazz Train, Unstable Tables, Glory Days, Illinois Central College Vocal Jazz Ensemble, and many more. Over the years we have also worked with exceptional audio engineers including Bill Duncan of Cedar Hills Sound, Nathan Whiteman of Cabin Studios Recordings, and Rick Henderson. From each artist and engineer we have grown and learned so that we are better each time we are privileged to work with them. 

     Our studio is also hard at work recording and engineering many different genres of music. Through our studio we have released numerous tracks and voice over projects. We record on site, during performances, and we partner with local studios to bring the best solution for any budget. We have been recording live performances for nearly a decade, but our studio work has greatly expanded in the last year to produce great quality recordings with a variety of artists. 

     We seek to provide the best entertainment and sound reinforcement and recording solutions for any event. Whether you need to mic a single person or a whole band, or your event is in a small room or outdoor stage, we provide quality services that are tailored to fit the needs of your event that are reliable and affordable. 

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