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    We offer lighting solutions to fit most events. From stages to small clubs, we have you covered. We offer lights for both bands and dance floors to get the party going. Our lighting systems feature LED lights which are thin but effective. This helps us set up quickly and keep the lights as unobtrusive as possible. Our lighting will help your event and performance look look as good as it sounds. Just like our live audio, we seek to be professional, reliable, and unobtrusive so that everyone can focus on what matters. Our lighting systems feature Chauvet moving head fixtures as well as washes and effect lights to create an experience for both the band and the audience that enhances the music. We always seek to understand the needs of the event, music, client, and bands to tailor a custom solution that is simple and effective. 

Live Sound and Lighting


     We offer live sound reinforcement to fit nearly any venue or event. We can handle small and large groups with ease. Our goal is for the audio to be both easy to work with and as transparent as possible. We want the performers to focus on performing, the organizers to focus on organizing, and the audience to focus on enjoying the performers. We seek to provide solutions that are both affordable and dependable. Our sound system features the unrivaled combination of Allen and Heath mixers with QSC speakers, providing clarity and projection is evident at the first listen. For some events, we also feature a wireless mixing console, which eliminates large bundles of cables stretching out into the audience or in front of the stage and minimizes the size of our sound booth. This gives the audience and performers more room and makes our engineers less obtrusive to enjoying any event. Our mixers are fully digital and provide a large variety of effects and controls so that each band can sound their best and be comfortable on stage. We seek out the best equipment and technology to make every show sound, look, and feel great with a reliability and professionalism everyone should expect from their audio team.

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